Using Apple pay

apple pay logoApple Pay was launched in 2014 and is provided by the large and well-known company Apple Inc. Apple Pay works as an intermediary between a credit card (or certain other similar transaction methods) and the recipient.

One reason why people use Apple Pay is that they do not wish to share sensitive credit card information with every vendor to shop from or every online gambling site they make a deposit to. Another reason behind Apple Pay´s popularity is that it is more convenient to use Apple Pay to confirm transactions for all your credit cards instead of using a different method/code for each of them.

Apple Pay is not just used online, it works in brick-and-mortar establishments too, if they have one of the supported card readers.

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Apple Pay is popular among users that are concerned about security. Apple Pay offers two-factor authentication, and you can use top-notch verification methods such as Face ID and Touch ID.

Two-factor identification is recommended, since it reduces the risk of criminal use if your iOS mobile device is stolen or otherwise ends up in the wrong hands.

Can I use Apple Pay online on my Android phone?

No, the Apple Pay system runs on iOS 10 or later for online payments. It is compatible with both mobile and non-mobile Apple devices, if they are modern enough.

If you have an Android device, you can use the competitor Google Pay instead. Interestingly, Google Pay works on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Other options if you want an intermediary between your credit card and the recipient are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

Getting started

If your mobile iOS device is modern enough to use Apple Pay, it probably came with Apple Pay installed. If not, download the Apple Pay mobile app from the Apple App Store.

Open Apple Pay on your mobile device and follow the instructions to get started using Apple Pay. Among other things, you need to add at least one transaction method, such as a credit card. Confirmation is required from the card issuer before you can start using Apple Pay.

If you need help, go to

Geographical limitations

Apple Pay was launched in the United States, but its geographical reach has grown steadily ever since. Today, Apple Pay can be used in many different countries, but there are also many countries where it is not available.

Here are some examples of accepted places

In the Americas: Canada, United States (except Puerto Rico and other unincorporated territories),
Mexico, Brazil

In Europe: The EEA (but not northern Cyprus), the UK (but not the British Overseas Territories), Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

In Africa: South Africa

In Asia: Israel, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kazakhstan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan

In Oceania: Australia, New Zeeland